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Examining Windows App

Well, Win JS is not going to be a part of the windows phone 8 designers strategies definitely. Undoubtedly, windows phone 8 is going to be a new sensation definable. It’s all going to increase to the basics, which is certainly the main reason for the forthcoming success of the windows app development defined. When they made the first heavier tablet certainly, it’s all going back to 2002 for Microsoft. That was rather heavy, but now they are developing the most up to date tablet that will give you the Microsoft software pro with the desktop PC capability certainty. That was a remarkable function for all software designers and now we are going to have this desktop PC for tablets. We do have the innovative software for that. This new os is definitely going to transform the app development process. Windows app development is certainly a new function for the designers through windows phone 8. It’s much and remarkable better than windows phone 7. As an example, we have the voice quality that was not present in the case of the windows phone 7 now we do have it with the windows phone8.

Well, just not the windows app development, it’s the environment that will count now. The survey recommends that dot net development environment in the form of visual studio 2010 was the very best. Now we have the visual studio 2012 that has far better property absolutely. In truth, we have the improved properties. At the TBL development company, we will soon be starting the deal with the windows phone 8 and there will be more windows phone 8 developers to hire at TBL. Well, we have the reward for the Nook developers and we will quickly be revealing what offers we have for the windows app development certainly. So there will be new chances for the windows phone 8 designers soon under TBL.

Windows Phone 7 developers do the development for the windows phone from HTC, Dell, Samsung and LG certainly. They are doing a great company, definitely. Nevertheless, with Microsoft software pro we are getting the best result absolutely now. We are going to have the desktop PC now on the tablet and that is certainly something that was missing from the previous couple of years after tablet came into the contention absolutely.

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Keep in mind that Windows Mobile 6.5 is the last OS in the series, and has actually been changed by Phone 7. The designer has to be someone who can establish applications for both and offer upgrades to any future versions that may be released by Microsoft.


The second choice is to contract out Windows mobile app development to an expert or a specialist third-party designer. These companies specialize in establishing custom applications that provide value to customers of a business when they use the application on their cell phones. The application will be professional, easy and practical to promote and/or sell.

Just look how simple it is for the windows than 8 developers now. You just have to install the visual studio 2012 and afterwards you need to just pick any one like panorama apps. Well, many apps follow the Panaroma pattern as it enhances the length and breadth of the screen. Hence, you simply have to pick from the windows phone tab, the kind of apps that you are going to make. The language you will be utilizing will be C # and you can be utilizing the c++ for the native app development certainly. Well, it’s equally easy now to make the managed apps in addition to the non-managed or the native apps definitely. That is why the windows phone 8 designers are going to have better prospects as compared to the windows phone 7 designers in 2013.

Windows App – Some Thoughts

Over the years we have seen numerous different operating systems. Since the new ones simply didn’t cut the mustard, at times people have looked to revert to previous operating systems.

Windows 8 has actually been much slammed. We have actually currently seen Windows 8.1 emerge onto the market to repair some of the problems that people have been grumbling about.

The os that we use today need to do very different things to those of the past. We spend even more time downloading applications and utilizing the Internet than before.

Whereas operating systems utilized to be there to home applications installed from the CD, and to run email and word processing software, they are now required to do far more.

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The improvements in cellular phone innovation and mobile broadband has actually also implied that we are more requiring in the performance of our desktop and laptop computer use. The Windows 8 system looks extremely different to numerous of the previous operating systems from Windows. It is similar to the mobile systems that we see today.

It seems that Windows is trying to unify its desktop and mobile concepts, and for some this hasn’t worked.

With all of the other operating systems readily available for mobile gadgets, Microsoft really does have a lot of competition. The unifying nature of the Windows 8 operating system is a gamble. It is plainly a wager that they felt they had to take.

The new Windows operating system did not feature a start menu. The majority of us has actually ended up being accustomed to being able to click on the bottom left-hand corner and discover what we have to discover. The replacement of this functionality with a tiled front page is puzzling for lots of.

There are third-party applications that can be installed in order to provide a start menu. But that actually does misread. Windows have actually fixed the situation somewhat in Windows 8.1. Nonetheless, it was a significant mistake to do away with it in the very first place.

Windows XP and Windows Vista are greatly suitable with most of these sort of free windows applications. Likewise, you can rest assured that many of these free applications are also very compatible with the new operating system called Windows 7. When picking which application you desire, knowing that the majority of the free apps for windows are compatible with the latest versions of Windows will put your mind at ease.

There are applications that will enable you to speak with all of your instant messaging good friends from a single application. It is trendy and will certainly impress any observers. Rather of utilizing the old-fashioned e-mail customer that includes all Windows operating systems, you ought to download the windows application styled one that is free for a more recent, more contemporary looking e-mail customer.

On the Windows homepage the desktop has just a single thumbnail for the applications that are running. In order to find out and gain access to programs that are currently running you need to go all the way to the switch menu on the desktop and appears in the taskbar.

The shutting down process for Windows 8 is somewhat complicated. You need to pull out the menu from the side, go to settings, then power off. It can be actual difficult to discover what you require to find if you desire to reboot.

Some people are irritated when they discover that they cannot easily establish a pop account through Windows 8. The way around it is to set up your Gmail, Outlook or Hotmail to examine for pop 3 and afterwards include the account with Windows mail performance.

The main feature that will provide both Microsoft and Windows an edge over other producers is that Microsoft has a good share of audience utilizing a Window PC. Window OS based Smartphone will allow the Window COMPUTER users to move their file easily in between the COMPUTER and Phone.

This concept is certainly very appealing, enticing and competing in the Smartphone market, but it is not only about having a much better device with fast OS. Moreover, it is about providing your users amazing value added services and the application shop which accounts for the growing success of all other Smartphone brands. Apple Inc has a really effective application store with more than 5 billion apps, however Windows app shop just has about 80,000 apps which can be having a hard time point for the Windows phone. So, Microsoft has to draw mobile app designers to develop unique and ingenious apps for Windows platform.

It is actually annoying to need to control the lock screen each time you want to boot up your computer or wake it up. You can get rid of the lock screen in the personalisation settings through computer system setup) management devices) Control Panel) personalisation. You need to choose the alternative “do not show lock screen”.

The application used to browse, Bing opens a new window in Internet Explorer. This is truly annoying as you feel without effort that the application must open lead to the same window. You can naturally simply search directly from your selected browser, or you might pin the browser search box to your start screen.

When you have divided your screen 50-50 you cannot communicate with 2 applications very easily. One application will be shrunk to the sidebar; the other will use up the majority of the screen. There is no direct way around this trouble.

As you can see there are great deals of inconveniences with the Windows 8 OS. A few of them will influence you each day, and leave you feeling extremely aggravated.

It does make sense to upgrade to Windows 8.1 as the OS is an improvement on Windows 8. It may well take almost an hour to update your operating system through the set up process. This is annoying in itself, specifically if you have work that you need to do and you start the process without understanding how long it will take.

Broadband improvements have actually driven a new revolution in the way we use our computer systems. Operating systems are adjusting. Windows appears to have adapted relatively slowly, although they are prevailing owned a new design viewpoint in the functionality infrastructure.

Time will mention to whether they truly can get a merged platform that works across both desktops and mobile devices. It’s most likely they will be able to win greater market share from Apple and Android as they progress into the future if they can.

Aspects Of Windows App

The official launch date has been announced and Windows ® Phone 7 will launch in Europe and Asia on Oct. 21st and the first US handset will be available November 8th. There will be 9 different Windows Phone 7 handsets available at launch and the manufactures are HTC, LG, Dell and Samsung. AT&T is set to have 3 handsets available Samsung Focus, LG Quantum and the HTC Surround.

Windows Phone 7 is a very different kind of phone for Microsoft®; they’re basically starting over with a completely new platform and entering an already competitive market behind the curve. They have a lot of catching up to do.

Windows Phone 7’s main differentiating factor is its user interface. The phone utilizes live animated tiles in its start screen. These are refreshed wirelessly via the web. The live tiles or ‘hubs’ allow users to quickly see everything at a glance that they care about. They can be quickly customized and constantly updated and depending on the app might get you a glance at pending messages, news, weather updates and friend statuses. The hubs are also grouped on the basis of tasks they perform.

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Users can access to several applications, games, music, picture gallery, messaging, etc. very quickly and easily with the aid of new interface. Its advanced features will allow users to perform all the work with great convenience. The Windows apps not only help users to entertain themselves but also assist them in their business work. Therefore this Windows 7 mobile version will give a fresh and unique experience to its users.

Also being a Microsoft product makes it the only phone that easily syncs, using cloud sync capabilities, with other Microsoft software products and apps. It has Microsoft Office mobile built in and supports multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts for work. It also features note syncing, Bing ™ voice search, and the capacity to locate a lost phone, heaven forbid you would lose your brand new phone, on the Windows Phone 7 website.

If the GPS is enabled on your phone (or you do not have GPS), Google Latitude will not be in a position to pinpoint a mobile phone’s location. It will give a general location based on the closest cell tower that phone is using.

Another differentiating factor is that Microsoft is requiring hardware partners. This enforces quality monitoring of the devices and makes sure that the partners meet Microsoft’s rigid hardware criteria in order to implement the operating system.

Microsoft has a lot of ground to make up in order to enhance its Smartphone market share against Apple ®, Research in Motion and Google™. Microsoft is banking on its new user interface, cloud syncing capabilities and its casual gaming features to lure current Smartphone users to its platform and introduce new users to the Smartphone medium. They are also positioning themselves as both a business and pleasure phone. This could work for them or against them. There is a lot of loyalty out there for Windows and many have been waiting for Microsoft to get back into the game. It will probably take a while in order to view the true impact Windows Phone 7 will have up against Apple, Android ™ and Blackberry ®, but it should be very interesting to watch. As a custom mobile application solution provider we’re very excited about the launch of Windows Phone 7. We are a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and have been developing custom software applications for Windows Mobile ® for a long time. With the reinvention of Microsoft’s mobile platform we look forward to receiving the new functionality and features being given to the app developer in the new platform. It is exciting for us when new technology emerges and we’re able to be on the cutting edge of adopting that technology.

With 3 major platform players in the app development game, mobile app creators have had the possibility of creating and releasing their app for one platform or multiple platform; usually this decision is according to the type of app and type of user. Windows Phone 7 doesn’t change the game; it adds a fourth player/platform. The addition should be exciting for app creators because they now have a chance to reach an even broader audience by releasing their app across platforms. It also means there’ll be more competition in the market so successfully marketing your app will be even more important. In addition, app creators will have to really think about all four platforms and choose their platform wisely. At Amadeus Consulting we work with our clients to help them decide what platform or combination of platforms works best for their business model. If you’re interested in custom mobile application development for any platform, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Practical Windows App

The Windows Phone marketplace is the virtual store for Microsoft devices where you can look through thousands of apps, games, movies, TV shows, songs-in other terms, this is the spot where you’ll find everything you want to include in your windows phone. The marketplace includes everything from the entertaining games to useful utility apps. This article is a How-to article to teach you how to obtain the best apps and games on your windows phone and it also include the games hub. Microsoft, which is already an owner of gaming console franchise Xbox, is turning the windows phones into a great platform for games.

The Windows Marketplace: The windows marketplace is accessible using both your phone and the PC. The PC version of the store is an all area access hub as it contains everything offered by Microsoft for the users and the market you visit on your phone is nothing more than a branch of it. The phone marketplace provides only apps and music store however, it has the great advantage of being portable and having the capacity to download and install apps directly on the phone. Many of the apps in the marketplace are available for free. There are official trial apps available so that you will be able to check the productivity of apps before you pay for full versions additionally for more of the paid apps.

This idea is certainly very tempting, luring and competing in the smartphone industry but it isn’t only about having a best device with fast OS. Moreover, it is about offering your users incredible value added services and the application store which are responsible for blooming success of all other smartphone brands. Apple Inc has very successful application store with more than 5 billion apps but Windows app store only has about 80, 000 apps which can be struggling point for the Windows phone. So, Microsoft has to lure mobile app developers to develop unique and innovative apps for Windows platform.

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What you need? Basically all you need to install an app from the windows marketplace is a windows phone. However to visit and download any app you need to first sign-in to your Microsoft live account. If you do not have any account then the phone interface will guide you as part of the process of making a new Microsoft Live account.

Where Can We Go From Here?

The Marketplace Hub on Windows Phone: On the home screen of any windows phone, Marketplace hub is placed by default. There are various sections within the hub and this contains a list of featured apps and games along with some other menus. From the menu options, you can choose what you’re looking for from games, apps and music. The menu screen also showcases your download progress of apps and also reminds you if any installed app requires an update. The marketplace for windows phone is smaller in number of apps then the android market or Apple App Store as Windows is the new kid on the block in this industry, however the future for windows marketplace looks promising. In near future, we can expect more categories of products in the market such as books, movies, podcasts, videos, etc.

Windows App?

The principle is rather easy to grasp. You wish to understand where someone is (a member of the family or a friend), and there is a software that helps make it possible. One of the very best ways to find someone’s location is by using a low-cost and easy approach of GPS (Global Positioning System) or tracking chip. Today, with a couple of the newest cell phones, which have an inbuilt GPS, you can track them anytime and anywhere. You can quickly track the mobile phone on a map, see its precise location at all times, and get real-time updates.

For Smartphones, there are some apps that help in tracking your lost/stolen mobile phone. On the other hand, certain apps can be downloaded for monitoring your child’s, family member’s, or best friend’s activities and whereabouts. Now there are a few methods to go about it. One, you can set up a GPS tracker on your phone and 2, download an app that is supported by your cell phone. Let us see exactly how these techniques work.

An additional alternative you’ve got is to get mobile company apps for each one of the platforms out there. This will absolutely help make your app more easily accessible, due to the fact that it will mean that regardless of what sort of running system (iPhone, Google Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone 7) individuals are working with they’re going to have the capability to utilize your application – which can be good for personnel within your organization. The disadvantage is that it’s costly and usually hard to produce these kinds of business apps. In essence, you’re going to be building 8 separate company apps. While it’s requiring, your app will be usable on all of the Smartphones and tablets which are readily available.

Controversial Windows App?

A great deal of companies do not want to take care of the restrictions of picking just one platform, but don’t want to spend the money producing 8 various business apps. For these companies, it will make even more sense to simply construct mobile internet applications. All smartphones and tablets have something in usual – internet surfing. Employees will be able to make use of the application no matter what type of gadget they might be utilizing if you establish a mobile internet app. In addition, companies are finding that these apps are generally more safe since they do not conserve company information to the Smartphone. A disadvantage that you’ll experience when using this sort of app is that you are typically unable to make use of Smartphone sensors such as the video camera, microphone, GPS and various other sensors. Some firms might find these sensors to be unnecessary.

The majority of Smartphones feature an inbuilt GPS tracker. Nonetheless, if your phone is older and it doesn’t contain one, you have to buy one.

Next, you have to choose an online software program such as AccuTracking, BuddyWay, Mologogo, assign, SpyBubble, and many even more. These programs will help you track the cell phone.

After you pick the provider, go to their website and register. Log in to their website and check out the instructions on how the software operates.

Download the software, if you discover it apt, and follow the guidelines to link the cellular phone to your laptop computer. When the tracking software is uploaded into the cellular phone, trigger it by going through the phone’s menu.

Now, when you wish to track the cellular phone, all you have to do is log into the company’s website and get the precise reading on a map or get a text message, relying on the software.

For non-smartphones that can not install apps or connect to the Internet, below’s an easy and fast way to track any cell phone. With using Google Latitude, a person’s cellular phone can be traced on Google Maps, through his/her Google account; and you don’t need GPS innovation as it deals with any cellular phone that can access Google Maps or Google Latitude (although a lot of phones are now GPS-enabled).

While utilizing Google Latitude, rest assured that this service does not allow anybody to track your location. For this, they should initially send you a request and ask your authorization to do so. On the various other hand, if you’re tracking your own lost or taken cell phone, you will have to register your phone with Google Latitude. Here’s what you require to do to track a cell phone as soon as you do so.

From your cellular phone (if it has a wireless Internet access), go to the Google Latitude website to download the most recent variation of Google Maps. By doing this, you can enable Google Latitude on your phone.

From your cell phone, indication in utilizing your Google account and press the ‘Menu’ button. Choose the ‘Latitude’ alternative.

Now, select only those friends from your list with whom you wish to share your location details. Select the ‘Add Friends’ alternative in front of your friends’ names.

If the GPS is enabled on your phone (or you do not have GPS), Google Latitude won’t be able to identify a mobile phone’s location. It will offer a general location depending on the closest cell tower that phone is utilized.

Among the most remarkable thing about making use of Google Latitude is that you’re in control of sharing the quantity of information you desire with your friends. You can limit their gain access to as per your benefit.

Despite the fact that these innovations are designed to help us in a favorable way, some individuals tend to abuse it. Intrusion of someone’s privacy is a felony and rarely forgiven, if caught. And for this reason, as a preventive technique, specific software need the person’s consent prior to tracking their cell phones. Whether you could think your reasons stand, you can not get into someone else’s privacy. So continue that in mind and proceed.

Some Thoughts On Windows App

If you are experiencing Windows application mistake while launching a program, then you need to fix it as quickly as possible due to the fact that if this is disregarded for an amount of time, it can cause more serious troubles. This blog will instruct you easy methods to fix a Windows mistake. I will compose them down in a non-technical way to assist beginners much better comprehend the procedure.

When the Windows application error is simply a simple random problem, there are times. So the first thing that you should do is to just restart your system and if the mistake message is gone then there is nothing to fret.

Windows App; More Info

If the mistake comes back after restarting your system, carry out a virus and malware scans. Constantly keep in mind that when you are dealing with any kind of error, these processes must be done immediately. Most of the time mistakes in your computer system are caused by virus and malware infection. Often times a simple virus and malware scan can take care of errors in your system.

Another excellent idea is to re-install the program itself if you are still getting the Windows mistake after these processes. There are times when the mistake is triggered by inappropriate or incomplete installment. Reinstalling the program will make sure that the program will be installed correctly and will be beginning in a clear state.

You can take the specific phrase and utilize your favored search engine if you cannot find a method to fix the Windows mistake in your computer system. Search the web for possible ways to repair your problem. There are discussion boards that are going over mistakes in computer system such as Windows application errors. There are technical experts who want to instruct other individuals, and assist them eliminate the Windows application mistake by offering the exact solution for a specific program.

Performing a registry cleanup can likewise fix errors in your computer system. When a damaged registry is triggering your program to malfunction resulting in Windows application mistakes, there are times. Cleansing your windows registry will not only eliminate application errors, it will also keep your computer system running at its full potential and error-free.

Create an App From A Windows Template

windowsphoneappsIn August, Windows launched ‘Windows App Studio Beta’, a popular tool for developers to easily and quickly build their own apps. So far, there has been 65,000 apps built. They recently released an update that now allows users to integrate other phone functions into the app they’re building. Its quite simple to do too, menu-driven “actions” give a developer context-aware tasks like dialing numbers. The coolest upgrade is the addition of NFC into the system for getting software to other app studio users (so cool).

Since the original opening of beta, the development team has been working closely with its first user group to build out development and better understand how everyone uses the phone. The upgrades since initial release in August are:

  • Enhancements of code and organization of projects for developers
  • Cache is now handled differently so that you can use external data sources even if the phone isn’t connected
  • You can easily set the default language for simple publication to the Phone store.
  • Navigate with FlipView to quickly see data sources
  • NFC (mentioned before)
  • Visual Studio was optimized to get rid of outside reference, especially when they aren’t being used (simplifies the size and complexity of the project)

Has these new features convinced you to give Windows a shot at app development?  Just FYI- not just everyone can get into this beta yet. Those who want to try out the beta’s new and cool tricks, have to sign into the App Studio using a specific source link.

The Bright Future of Windows Phone and The Dark Times of Blackberry


When the Windows Phone OS first came out, one complain about it was the lack of applications. Which was natural as people had grown used to the fact that touch screen based device much support applications in great numbers. However recently a survey was carried out by the Aberdeen Group, and an amazing 348 enterprises took part in it. They were asked which mobile platforms do they intend to work with in the coming times and as expected Android iOS was right on top, but that’s not the intriguing part, what grabbed out attention was the fact that how much of a great response Microsoft’s Windows Phone received from developers, scoring an impressive 25% on tablet and 35% on smartphone application development. This clearly indicates to the fact that Windows Phone will see a great increase it its applications in the coming times. While this means a great bright future for Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS it looks nothing short of dreading for Blackberry, as you can see developers have little to no interest in working the Blackberry OS. Not only that most businessmen have gone through a bad phase working with Blackberry due to their messy operating system management, not to mention the lack of proper updates is also an issue, to make matters worse Blackberry has failed to present any impressive future plans that will be able to get them back on the right track. If Blackberry does not improve its strategy and marketing soon we are afraid that this might just be the end of Blackberry devices as we know it.

Temple Run finally available for Windows Phone


Temple run has been a favorite among both Android and IOS users due to its addictive gameplay and innovative features. Due to lack of demand had never made its way before to Windows Phone, now after almost one and a half year after its initial launch on iOS Temple Run is available for Windows Phone platform and any Windows Phone 8 user can download and run this application.

The Windows Phone version of the game is pretty much identical to the original version that was released on Android and iOS, there are no major changes made the plot is still the same, you are treasure hunter who apparently can’t stop running! Now your goal is to avoid the enemies that trying to capture you, along the way you will receive coins and as you get more coins you will have the ability to activate some really interesting powers, these coins can also be used to change your character and background image and given the fact the Temple run has quite a few characters and backgrounds you may want to up on them as you play along.

One thing we noticed that the overall experience on the Windows Phone version was pretty smooth , dare we say smoother than other platforms. But it also showed why Windows is meant to be more of a professional operating system instead of a gaming one as, the battery life reached critical point after trying it out for only a few hours, but then again it’s not like Android or iOS can produce significantly better results either. You can download Temple Run using the link below but before downloading keep in mind that for now it’s only available for devices with at least 1 gigabyte of RAM.