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Create an App From A Windows Template

windowsphoneappsIn August, Windows launched ‘Windows App Studio Beta’, a popular tool for developers to easily and quickly build their own apps. So far, there has been 65,000 apps built. They recently released an update that now allows users to integrate other phone functions into the app they’re building. Its quite simple to do too, menu-driven “actions” give a developer context-aware tasks like dialing numbers. The coolest upgrade is the addition of NFC into the system for getting software to other app studio users (so cool).

Since the original opening of beta, the development team has been working closely with its first user group to build out development and better understand how everyone uses the phone. The upgrades since initial release in August are:

  • Enhancements of code and organization of projects for developers
  • Cache is now handled differently so that you can use external data sources even if the phone isn’t connected
  • You can easily set the default language for simple publication to the Phone store.
  • Navigate with FlipView to quickly see data sources
  • NFC (mentioned before)
  • Visual Studio was optimized to get rid of outside reference, especially when they aren’t being used (simplifies the size and complexity of the project)

Has these new features convinced you to give Windows a shot at app development?  Just FYI- not just everyone can get into this beta yet. Those who want to try out the beta’s new and cool tricks, have to sign into the App Studio using a specific source link.