The iPad Mini the perfect poker device

If you’re looking for something to use when playing poker on the move, then the iPad Mini might be the answer to all your prayers. With iOS’ access to a wealth of high-quality apps, solid software and hardware quality, considerable battery life and other features, the iPad Mini seems like an ideal choice for those whose interests centre on poker.

Whether you’re actually using a poker app to play a few hands, reading up on offers at party poker or watching a major tournament, the iPad Mini has a few advantages over other tablets on the market, so we thought we’d list a few.

1) The size.

It’s not just about rivalling the size of the 7-inch tablets on the market (although the Mini is actually 7.9″) – it’s also about being able to provide the soft of comfort and aspect ratio ideal for games. Being able to hold it with two hands and have that weight and the lack of a flimsy plastic casing like some other tablets may appeal more, too.

2) The apps.

Small tablets are Android tablets, mostly, and that means that the app choice simply can’t compete. While there are some great apps out there, like the Poker Control app ( for both platforms, iOS tends to receive a lot of exclusive content, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you’re a poker player who doesn’t want to endlessly fumble around in the Google Play marketplace for software that meets your requirements.

3) The feature set.

iCloud, iTunes, Safari – there are so many other features of the Mini that’ll put you ahead of Android tablets that you can check out at Cloud syncing and a super-fast browser are amongst these, and poker fans will find that it’s easy to check up on news, read strategies, and do all of this at pace on a machine that feels sturdy and reliable. A win-win-win, surely?

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