The Skype is Falling, the Skype is Falling: What is a small business to do?

skypeFor some time now, Skype enjoyed the spotlight when it came to traditional telephony alternatives. Skype seemed to have everything a small business needed.

Skype offered business the opportunity for staff in different offices to meet online and for advertising employees to work with potential consumers in different parts of the world virtually for free. Small business owners could easily install Skype and use it in almost any device, where ever they were. So what happened? Why wouldn’t a small business owner automatically go with Skype?

Skype is falling

In the spring of 2011, Skype fell. Twice within a few weeks Skype crashed, leaving users without a connection for hours, interrupting businesses around the world. There was little in the way of tech support and so those businesses, especially small business, were left floundering. Suddenly it seemed that all the benefits of having Skype were overshadowed by its frailty. So what is a small business to do?

Although not as inexpensive as ‘free’, there is an alternative to both Skype and telephony that is suited to the needs of business. Business VOIP is still less expensive than a traditional telephone line, offering businesses much lower rates, especially long distance. Because VOIP is digital, it can be integrated with your computer to offer additional features, ones that would not be possible on a traditional land line. VOIP can also be incorporated within productivity applications to provide another level to your business and what it can offer your clients.

The VOIP Umbrella

The biggest reason that a small business should consider using VOIP, even though there are products like Skype that are free, is that VOIP providers offer superior service and support. You, as a small business owner, are guaranteed support should you have any issues with your service. There is always a tech support line running 24 hours a day, just to make sure your business stays in business. Although Skype has many features and it the most cost effective system in the way of set up and monthly costs, what VOIP offers in the way of ensuring your system never crashes; leaving your business’ image tainted and customers displeased, is more cost effective in the long run.

There are many VOIP options out there for business. All a small business owner need to is some internet research to figure out which provider best meets their company’s needs. Often it is noted when starting up your own business that you have to spend money if you want to make money. In the case of Skype, it would have paid to have had a VOIP sever despite the difference in costs.

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